private hospital insurance

It’s the end of the financial year, and you’re probably gearing up for tax returns and financial health checks. While you’re busy sorting through your budget, you might also want to consider the various essential expenses you’re paying. Think health insurance, private hospital cover, and all those necessary fees we have for those ‘just in case’ moments we hope never actually come about.

But as much as we hate to admit it, sometimes we get sick, or our family gets sick, and this makes it all the more important to add health check to the list of checks we do at the end of the financial year. The top tip we can offer is to make sure you’re getting value for money with your health and private health insurance, and that your finances aren’t being wasted by big profit companies.

Your health is an important thing to take into account, in conjunction with your finances, because these are two major aspects of your life that can make or break your life experiences. HIF offers a range of private health insurance with simple, transparent terms and conditions to help you get bang for your buck.

You might be wondering if you even need private health insurance, or if you can afford it? End of financial year is usually a great time to shuffle your finances around, and work out what things should stay, and which fees should be scrapped. What it comes down to, is do you want the power to choose which hospital, doctor or specialist you would like to see in the event of you or your family falling ill? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely consider private health insurance. Your next question is how much are you willing to spend?

Spanning from $1.17 to $2.87 each day, HIF starts with vital cover in terms of accidental injuries, removal of wisdom teeth and tonsils, appendix surgery and minor gynaecological procedures. Once you enter the two-dollar price range, you can expect services including minimum three days in a private room in hospital, maternity cover and all ward fees. HIF offers premium private hospital insurance as well as the basics for younger people with less health concerns and lower budgets.

Choosing private health insurance can be a tricky maze to navigate your way through, with companies often providing complex T&Cs, dense pages of extra stuff, and difficult language to understand. Jump on the HIF website for some clarity, and complete disclosure of what you’ll receive with your private hospital insurance.

At the time of year when your finances are under the microscope, and you’re busy trying to work out what to keep paying for, what to get rid of, and where you could possibly find cheaper and more relevant alternatives, your private health insurance shouldn’t go unnoticed. Keep your health and finances under close watch, and make sure you’re getting the most competitive and appropriate deals on all accounts. These are two aspects of life that should never be neglected.

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