From July 1st the Carbon Tax will no longer be appearing on constituent’s power bills. The Senate now has a fortnight in which to ratify changes to formalise the abolition. Electricity retailer, generators and routers will adjust their accounts to remove the Carbon Tax during the first three weeks of July. This should flow on to consumers within the next billing period.

Major retailers such as AGL, Origin and Energy Australia have publicly stated that savings from the removal of the Carbon Tax will be passed on to consumers.



But even though the Senate is in the process of ratifying the change, even though businesses are adjusting their accounts, the removal of the Carbon Tax is not yet a done deal. Government officials are confident Clive Palmer’s United Party will support its removal. But the government still needs their support (and/ or the support of other independent members). And Clive Palmer, I am sure, knows this. So expect to see a bit of brinkmanship before the measures are passed.

The decision for businesses to make the changes prior to the Senate’s rubber stamp puts pressure on all MP’s to deliver what they have said they would.

And there is more at stake than you might think: Should the Senate not be able to ratify the changes before July 1st the Carbon Tax will increase by another 5%. This places many energy providers in a highly vulnerable position – Having already passed on the anticipated savings they may find themselves a further 5% out of pocket.

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