The Senate demurred on the Federal Government’s deficit levy, rubber stamping it without any amendments.

Cory Bernardi. Photo:

Cory Bernardi. Photo:

On Monday the Greens moved that the top tax rate be increased from 45 to 47% on income earned over and above $180,000. The support of senators Cory Bernardi and Ian Macdonald was not required as the motion passed on assent.

Both men had initially opposed the measures, but seemed ready to deal if called upon.

Senator Macdonald wanted the increase to apply to corporations as well as individuals. He argued that constituents were already paying too much income tax. Furthermore, many wealthy individuals were funnelling their salaries into their own companies and avoiding (or minimizing) the higher income tax brackets.

Bill Shorten made much of this division, hinting at a schism within the Government’s members. He also asked why the Senators weren’t as vocal for low income earners.

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