David GonskiIn a keynote speech to the University of Melbourne David Gonski has labelled the Government’s decision to wind back the current method of school funding as ‘unfortunate.’ From 2017 the Commissi of Audit has recommended the Federal Gvernment link school funding to inflation. Mr. Gnski told his audience that should funding at this time not be adequate to the needs of schools any further inflationary change will only exacerbate the disparity.

Mr Gonski told his listeners he now considers his decision to attach a clear dollar amount to his report recommendations to have been a mistake. Such amounts have only served to unnerve the Government responsible to fund it.

In a last pitch to save his reforms Mr Gonski recommended the Commission of Audit now renege on the promise made by Julia Gillard that ‘no school will lose a dollar.’ In effect condoning the taking of funding from some schools for the provision others.

Mr Gonski is still firmly committed to his funds-based aspirational school system and fervently hopes the government will change its present budgetary position.

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