Talk about teaching your Grandmother to suck eggs …

A recent scientific study, published in the International Journal of Manpower, has shown that the more sexually active get paid 4.5 per cent more than their less sexually active colleagues.

Researchers from Anglia Ruskin University canvased the response data from 7500 subjects to determine the effect of sexual activity on wages.

Dr Nick Drydakis, the lead researcher, concluded that sexual frequency definitely impacts on wages.

“The vast medical and psychological literature,” he said to the Daily Beast, “concludes that sexual activity is associated with good health and improved physical and mental capacities, psychological wellbeing and dietary habits.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory claims that the happier and more fulfilled individuals are in their lives, the more productive and successful they will be in their wok – translating to higher wages.

“The theory concludes that people need to love and be loved, sexually and non-sexually, by others.

“’In the absence of these elements, people may become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety and depression – all factors that can affect their working life.”

Of course the correlation may be that people who get more sex are simply more attractive. And the link between being physically attractive and receiving higher income has been a well-documented and supported for a very long time.

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