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As most business (and home) owners might already know, energy consumption related to the cooling and heating of the workplace is a costly and recurring expense.

To keep the books balanced (and save precious resources from being wasted), owners and employees can be encouraged to try out any number of energy saving techniques. Below are just a few suggestions to help lighten the bill while maintaining total climate control.

  • Make sure all windows and doors are closed so as to stop the cool air from escaping and the hot air coming inside. Nothing’s worse than wasted energy, and this method ensures that the money you spend doesn’t waft out the door! Carpet snakes and doorstops can help reduce the air-flow and guarantee a comfortable workplace.
  • Draw curtains and blinds over open windows. While it’s nice to spend the early morning catching some rays on the sunny side of the office, it’s important that those blinds and curtains are drawn before the day gets hotter. If not, the temperature (and tempers!) might soar.
  • Most people agree that setting the air conditioner to 24 or 25 degrees provides the greatest comfort and reduces bills. Large fluctuations in temperature (for example, trying to make a hot room cool quickly) can account for rapid energy use and an increase in your average bill. A handy note above the thermostat or on the unit can notify people of your preferred settings and save a bundle.
  • Use your split system air conditioners early in the day to cool space quickly and cheaply. Energy prices at peak times can vary dramatically, so awareness of your non-peak period is a must. If you follow this tip, your house will stay cooler for longer and require less use of the air conditioning unit.
  • See which parts of the office or home don’t need cooling and shut the doors. This might seem obvious, but oftentimes storerooms and bathrooms end up being cooled in spite of not being used. Shutting the doors means less time will be spent cooling the parts of the building most in use.
  • Always keep an eye on the skies! Checking in with the weather on a daily basis can help you predict changes in weather and take advantage of seasonal variations. When the weather does change, encourage employees to use windows or doors to access the breeze.
  • Split level air conditioners can cut costs significantly. Choosing a split level (or ducted) air conditioning system can control the climate more evenly and can even provide more energy efficiency. Air conditioning professionals (for our money, the folks over at McKnight’s Air in Perth are the best in the business) should be able to recommend the ideal place for the system to be mounted and the ideal settings. In this manner, you can stay on top of how and when the unit is utilised.

While there’s nothing more certain in life than an ever increasing energy bill (except maybe death and taxes), these easy-to-follow words of advice will leave your bottom line low and help save watts of wasted electricity.

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