American law enforcement officials are stunned at the ineptitude of ground staff at JFK airport. Doors to a plane carrying a man from Nigeria, who died following an on-board vomiting fit, were opened before health respondents had arrived. Ebola isn’t transmissible through the air; even so opening the doors was an unnecessary breach of caution.

“We don’t know if anybody bolted from that plane or if the inside of the door is contaminated,” said one official.

But it’s not all bad news.

New York’s JFK have approached a government contractor to hire passenger screeners. Those chosen to screen passengers for the contagious and deadly virus must have basic EMT or paramedic training. They will be under the supervision of Customs and Border Protection officers and will work closely with the Centers for Disease control and Prevention.

For this important – and somewhat risky – work they will be paid the princely sum of $US19 (AUD$21.70) an hour.

Angel staffing Inc. says the new health staff will be stationed at Terminal 4 – a wing dedicated to flights posing potential threat of carriers.

Other airports who have contacted the medical staffing company have been Washington Dulles, Newark Liberty, Chicago O’Hare and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international airports.

Travelers arriving from African nations, particularly Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia will have their temperatures taken with no-touch thermometers and be given a list of questions to answer.

CDC Director Thomas Frieden. Image:

CDC Director Thomas Frieden. Image:

CDC Director Thomas Frieden announced the protective measures last week. It is estimated about 150 people arrive in the US from Ebola-affected countries each week. Most of them land initially at JFK.

But outrage over the advertisements for screening jobs hasn’t been contained to the measly wage.

“We were told what to do for a passenger, but what happens with us? What if I get a fever? What should I do?” asked one concerned officer.

“For example, if someone has 108F (42C) fever and we catch it after they deplane, there were 132 other people on the plane with him and you just let them go.

“You just possibly contaminated the person next to you and the flight attendant who handed you something.”

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