The woes of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia just keep on coming. A few hours earlier CBA point of sale services inexplicably failed. Customers attempting to pay for items received the messages they either did not have enough money to cover their purchases or that their sale was unable to be processed.

Twitter exploded with outraged customers unable to access either their funs or support staff. Nearly everyone attempting to report the problem or find advice to circumvent it were greeted with an automated voice message or generic answer email.

The problem also extended to those wishing to withdraw money from the bank’s own ATMs. From 7am this morning customers were given the message they did not have enough funds to withdraw any money from their accounts – regardless of the amount of the withdrawal. Some customers have reported receiving the message they could only withdraw cash from the bank at which their account is held.



The commonwealth Bank has told its customers, “We are currently experiencing a technical issue with our systems. We apologise for the inconvenience to customers. The cause of the problem is under urgent investigation and we are working to have full services restored as a matter of priority.”

Though it is the bank customers who are most vocal in their outrage, small businesses too are furious. “Every failed transaction is a lost sale,” said one store-keeper.

In April of this year a similar outage sparked a storm of criticism on social media. Commonwealth Bank ATMs, EFTPOS, phone services, COMMSEC services, and online banking were unavailable to customers for almost half a day.

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