Supermarket giant Coles is installing hi-tech security surveillance and tracking software to prevent their own staff stealing.

In an ingenious new enterprise, some staff are scanning their own flybuys card when a customer does not present one of their own.

2000 flybuys equals $10 cash. Customers accrue points at the rate of 1 point for every $1 spent in the store. When you consider each checkout averages around $10,000 spent per shift, this works out to around an extra $50 cash per operator each day.

If one in two people don’t have or can’t present their card that works out to an extra $25 per shift per person.

Staff admit the scamming had become a problem. “With some of the young kids it’s probably also an ignorance thing, thinking they’re just getting points or their Mum gets then to do it for them, not realising they’re doing anything wrong,” said one staffer.

Over time some of the culprits have been able to amass hundreds of dollars To avoid detection, some have even going so far as to stick the barcode of their flybuys card onto the palm of their hand.

The new security system can track customers through recognition software. It is able to track these people around the store and zoom cameras in to high risk areas, like the meat section.

Scamming is wrong. But one has to wonder what would have happened to those points left by the customer. And one can only guess how much the new surveillance system is costing Coles.

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