A convincing Chinese sex scam has hit Australian shores. The scam offers sex for credit and involves scammers convincing men to purchase cards or shopping credits online in return for sexual favours.

Scammers usually pose as prostitutes or struggling students in need of money.

They approach potential victims thrugh pospular social media apps like WeChat or iAround.

The mark is then asked to pay for the liaison in advance by purchasing the credits and sending through copies of the receipts and PIN numbers.

The scammer then redeems  and on-sells the voucher.

One student at the Australian National University has come forward after being stung.

He says he was propositioned by an attractive girl on WeChat.  She claimed to be a fellow student who needed some cash. “The girl said $200 for two hours, so I thought ‘Why not give it a shot?’ I had just finished my exam and had nothing to do” said the man, known only as David, to news.com.au

But when David went to meet the girl he was approached by a large man speaking Mandarin. “Some Chinese guy called me and said I can’t give the girl cash, I had to go to the gas station by some iTunes cards, take a picture and send it to the girl,” he said some what ruefully.

But it wasn’t enough. After complying with his demands the man returned to say he needed another $500 as a ‘safety deposit’.

David says he was reluctant, but he’d already invested $200. After making the first payment making a second one was easier.

David sent the picture of the $500 gift card to the girl who responded she was on her way.

But before she arrived the Chinese man called again asking for  another $500 – as he was a ‘new customer’.

Daviid exploded, ‘F*** you! I have no money left,’ he said.

The man became very aggressive. He said he was a gang member, that he was going to track down where David lived and ‘pay his parents a visit’.

“He said he was going to get my picture and put up poseters around where I live, saying I was looking for prostitutes. He said if I had kids things were going to trun out really bad. He tried to call me five times, he left me three voice message.”

The scam is well known in Asian countries. The Singaporean government actually has a credit-for-sex website and warns people it is one of the top seven money-making scams in the country.

A spokeswoman for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said “The ACCC advises people to be wary of using gift cards as an alternative form of currency. Reconsider if being asked to send a gift card.

“There is a market for unwanted gift cards where criminals are able to sell gift cards they receive, so asking for a gift card is not such an innocent request as it might appear and may indicate criminal behaviour.”

The US FBI issued a gift card scam alert this week, saying: “The online presence of the secondary gift card market has grown significantly in recent years. However criminal activity has been identified through sites facilitating such exchanges.”

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