Chinese newsagency Chinese Foto Press (CFP) has reported on the growing trend among tech start-ups of hiring cheerleaders to boost morale at work.



A Human Resources manager from an unnamed internet company admitted to CFP that his business had hired three cheerleaders to not only improve work morale, but also to improve the socialising ability of their mostly male staff – all of whom were open about their inability to communicate with members of the opposite sex.

The HR manager said the presence of the pretty girls has “greatly improved their job efficiency and motivation.”

Internet giant Alibaba was roundly criticised in May for posting a job ad featuring a model reminiscent of the Japanese adult movie actress Sora Aoi.

And while Alibaba took down the ad it continued looking for cheerleader-programmers.



But the dual occupation must be quite rare. How many programmers do you know who work weekends revving up crowds at sporting events?

But lest you think this is male misogyny in the workplace the girls are employed to chit-chat, play ping-pong and have breakfast with the programmers. They are well treated, respected, and offer opportunities to socialise beyond the dreams of most Chinese men.

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