The Commonwealth Bank of Australia says it has refunded all its customers who were double-charged from a computer glitch late last week.

But complaints on social media show that many are still waiting for overdraft fees to be refunded.

Other debit card users found they were unable to buy the daily necessities like food and petrol because their accounts had been drained of cash.

The CBA admitted that credit card accounts were still being examined, but the refunding of any costs associated with fees (such as fines on overdrawn accounts) had been refunded.

All other double-charged accounts were restored to their proper balances on Saturday night..

Many CBA customers are still incensed at the error and are suffering its consequences.

Melissa Clare, a spokeswoman for the CBA, said to on Saturday that customers finding themselves in financial hardship because of the error should contact their nearest branch for emergency assistance.

“If you were left without any cash,” she said to, “go into a branch and talk to one of our staff members. These customers will be helped on a case-by-case basis.”

Ms Clare made it very clear the duplicate charges were not the result of hacking.

The Bank of Queensland also experienced ‘technical issues’ on Sunday morning. Its internet services, internet banking, and payment processing were momentarily disrupted.

The bank issued a statement saying the issue had been resolved and apologised for any inconvenience to customers.

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