After announcing the largest year-to-end profit in the nation’s banking history the Commonwealth Bank of Australia yesterday began charging its fees twice.

Customers were outraged when they noticed a computer glitch mistakenly began charging fees in duplicate. Many customers had their accounts drained and were automatically issued default and dishonour warnings. Many more were unable to withdraw the cash they needed for groceries and petrol.

Customers who accessed their accounts through the CommBank mobile app yesterday were assured the overcharged debit accounts would be restored throughout the day. But for many the damage had already been done.

Users took to the banking giant’s Facebook page to vent their frustrations:

Shayne Trooden wrote: “I just had the police at the petrol station and (they) told me they will be giving me a court notice for non payment of fuel. (I) called CBA and they told me they would put an overdraft on my account – they ring me back 15 minutes later and say ‘sorry, we cannot put one on your account.’”

Clare Messiter posted: “I am still missing over $6ooo. I have absolutely zero funds nad I need to be able to get to and from work.”

Brant De Roos added: “I have a morning flight, and if this isn’t rectified soon I’ll have to reschedule. It would’ve saved me a lot of grief if you didn’t tell everyone the issue would be fixed overnight, as I could’ve organised this last night. This is just ridiculous!”

Call centre and social media staff have gone into damage control, promising to help customers on a case-by-case basis. Credit card customers have received refunds, though some cardholders misinterpreted the entry as a third charge on their accounts and stormed the call centres again.

The Commonwealth bank issued this apology:

“Commonwealth Bank apologies to our customers who have been affected by duplicate card transactions. We can confirm duplicate credit card transactions have been refunded, and duplicate debit card transactions are being refunded throughout today. Both the duplicated and refunded transactions will appear. For more information on how this will appear, please visit”

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