Here is proving we put the ‘friend’ in Financial Friend: Do you want to combine your love of money with your love of chocolate? Well here’s your chance: England’s Cambridge University is accepting applications to pursue a doctoral program seeking to understand the fundamentals of chocolate.

So far so good.

Researchers are looking for ways to keep chocolate from melting in warmer climates. As you may imagine, keeping chocolate from melting, without diminishing the taste and integrity of confectionary, would open vast and lucrative new markets.

At present, even the highest quality chocolate begins to soften at around 34 degrees centigrade.



Last year the top 10 chocolate producers around the world netted a cool $A91.97 billion; and they are very keen to improve on this. Anyone able to help them do so is guaranteed to be extremely well rewarded.

So if you think you know a thing or two about chocolate, and want to use this knowledge to make lots and lots of money, here’s the application:

Good luck!



Applications accepted from European Union residents only. Applicants will be under the supervision of chemical and geotechnical engineering experts and doctorates of soft matter physics.

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