Make no mistake about it Australia is still at high-risk of water deficiency.

The brutal drought of two years ago is fading from the memories of east coast and inland Australians. Meanwhile water conservationists are clamouring to bring attention to our prevailing water vulnerability. It seems the lessons of the drought haven’t been learned. While topics like climate change are front page news, the effects of climate change seem to be lost.

Bushman's Tanks 720 litre Slimline Water Tank

Bushman’s Tanks 720 litre Slimline Water Tank

Couple with this is the increasing environmental stress of high-rotation crop framing, mining and infrastructure and the burden we are placing on the environment becomes all too apparent. At his Federal Budget address Joe Hockey pledge billions to build and upgrade the nation’s roads, but barely a mention was given to the impact this would have on the environment.

Many cities are embarking on their own programs – though the funding for them is dwindling with each passing year. One of Australia’s most successful and authoritative water tank producers, Bushman’s Tanks, has noticed a steep decline in sales since state governments reduced (or in some cases withdrew) their water tank rebate.

One of the Bushman’s Tanks senior salesmen explained it this way: ‘The rebates were offered to Australians at the worst possible time. People were buying tanks in the middle of a drought. That’s like buying a bikini in winter – sure, you may get to use it one day, but it’s not going to be doing anything in the foreseeable future.’

The rebates for water tanks during the drought times did little more than give the impression the government was doing something.

‘The rebates should be in full force now!’ said our Bushman’s Tanks executive. ‘While rainfall levels have been well below average we are not yet in drought.’

Be sure the same will happen again. This is Australia, droughts are part and parcel of this country. The question is whether we will have prepared ourselves for the next one.

Programs like the City Efficiency Program in Melbourne, the Australian Water Conservation

Bushman's Tanks 1,150 litre Slimline Water Tank

Bushman’s Tanks 1,150 litre Slimline Water Tank

and Reuse Program in urban areas, and the Australian Water Conservation and Reuse Research Program all aim to use water more efficiently. That’s all well and good, but wouldn’t Australians be better served by being able to gather water more efficiently too?

Bushman’s Tanks is leading the charge in trying to get governments to recognize the indisputable benefits in such thinking. ‘Providing substantial water tank rebates now will result in water security in the future. Plus encouraging home owners to buy their own tanks will significantly minimise the environmental demands we make now.’

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