Home burglaries are skyrocketing in Greece.

For several weeks citizens of the financially unstable island nation have been withdrawing their savings. People fear a seizure of assets and bank accounts as the government becomes ever more desperate for revenue. This revenue will be used to meet repayments necessary for the release of further bailout packages.

And while all citizens agree Greece should get more money from its creditors, no one wants to be the one to pay for it.

As withdrawals from banks reached epidemic proportions the government moved to cap the amount of money depositors could withdraw per day. For some banks this injunction came too late – and they simply closed their doors for lack of liquidity.

But not everyone is crying poor.

Home burglaries have increased by 76 per cent since the last recorded figures in 2012. More current estimates put the figure much, much higher than even this.

In response the sale of home safes has exploded. In fact, vendors of security systems and home safes is now the boom industry in Greece. Athens shopping plaza for forty years, at no other time can he remember business being so good.

“If you stuff your money in the mattress,” he told Time Magazine, “it’s a thougsand per cent certain you will get robbed.”

Statistics from a national crime survey seem to bear out Mr Moschopoulos’ statement (perhaps even suggesting he understated the figure).

Since the financial crisis began Greece has reported the worst jumps in domestic burglaries year after year. In 2012 the already atrocious figures blew out by a stunning 76 per cent increase on the previous year’s figures. And while no hard data has been forthcoming from survey agencies since police and security firms believe that figure is insignificant compared with what is happening now.

The only alternative to a home safe is a security box at the bank. But even they are being viewed with suspicion.

“There’s always the chance that some law will get passed to investigate what’s inside all thse boxes,” said Mr Moschopoulos, “and they could all be frozen.”

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