Brisbane brothels have already seen their guest number swell ahead of the G20 Summit. Diplomats and their entourages are entering the city and, it seems, sampling all the delights this country has to offer.

Brothel owner throughout Brisbane have already reported a staggering rise in numbers – all  while the city is in lock down.

A spokeswoman for the Viper Room said, “It’s been unusually busy, it’s just ridiculous because of the influx of people.

“There are more people, there’re things going on … People are away from their normal lives are more likely to indulge in things they wouldn’t normally do … Visiting a gentleman’s club is usually on that list.”

The spokeswoman went on to add, “It’s all very discreet. The girls don’t us their real name, the guys don’t use their real names, it’s all cash so there’s no paper trail.”

More than 7,000 international leaders, delegates and media are converging on Brisbane for this weekend’s summit. Add to this another 6,000 police and 1,000 soldiers and it seems business will be booming for the local ‘entertainment’ industry.

But not everyone is happy. The $500 million event is bringing large areas of Brisbane to a standstill, throttling businesses who rely on local trade.

Enormous barricades have been put around the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre where the summit will take place. Plus hotels hosting the visitors have been fenced off.

A spokesman for Montecito, in Bownen Hills, said most of the new clients he saw were US sailors on shore leave. And while the influx of visitors is good, it comes at the expense of local trade.

“A lot of people might be taking off for the weekend,” said the Montecito spokesperson. “You probably wouldn’t expect a big night in the city. It could hinder regular town based clients by that’s yet to be seen. There’s definitely more people in town now, we’re seeing an increase because of that.

“Usually for us if you get a festival or footy game, a town’s busy. We’re busy. We have that flow on effect.”

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