Deepwater Horizons Oil Rig Explosion. Photo:

Deepwater Horizons Oil Rig Explosion. Photo:

The shameful actions of petroleum giant BP just continue.

After an explosion on their Deepwater Horizon oil rig, off the coast of Louisiana, killed 11 people and destroyed the businesses of millions of people BP is back in the courts; this time as the plaintiff.

Under the terms of their settlement BP agreed that proof of direct harm was not necessary to lodge an appeal for compensation. This meant that businesses adversely affected in a secondary way, as a consequence of those directly harmed from the oil spill, were also entitled to payouts. BP agreed to this at the time, but has since argued to have the ruling rescinded. The case has been heard and overruled by a district court and an appeals court, but BP is not giving up – effectively litigating until they get the outcome they are looking for.

But to add insult to injury BP has now begun a case seeking restitution – plus interest – of what it believes to be hundreds of millions of dollars in overpayments.

BP is arguing that a revised policy, being used to calculate the amounts of losses to businesses affected by the explosion, points to a sum substantially lower than the payments they have already made (in line with the figure of the original policy). BP wants this new figure extended to the monies they have already paid and any overpayments returned to them – plus interest.

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