Mining Tax to Go

Opposition leader, Bill Shorten, has this week conceded the mining tax will go after July 1. On Wednesday Mr. Shorten revealed to a mining conference in Canberra that the opposition would be unable to block the government’s repeal bills. And such an admission has sent tremors through the industry.

With this extra revenue, mining companies will have greater funds with which to pursue more lucrative deposits. This, in turn, has produced a significant demand for upstream technologies used in mining.

Efficiency Arms Race

There is, at the moment, a virtual arms-race going on within the industrial development fields of mining and construction. For even with the incipient demise of the mining tax the fundamentals of business remain the same. Efficiency is, now more than ever, the buzzword in mining and construction; with every company sourcing equipment able to optimise performance at each stage of the extraction, separation and distribution phases.

The current leader in this process-technology war is a West Australian company called Batchcrete. Based in Wangara this small business is casting a long shadow in the world of process-driven mining efficiencies.

The Cost of Optimization

You see, unplanned optimization comes at a cost: Optimizing one particular link in the chain causes bottlenecks in other areas – unable to keep up with the increased workflow. Batchcrete have addressed this issue by creating equipment to be used in all areas of the mining and construction chain of production. Augers pumps, agitators, silos and mixers maximize the efficiencies of raw material usage and minimize waste, water, energy and ancillary chemicals. Moreover the equipment Batchcrete produce must work reliably in some of the harshest climactic conditions on earth.

Batchcrete process-driven efficiencies for mining & construction.

Batchcrete process-driven efficiencies for mining & construction.

Such equipment reduces the adverse impacts of the mining process on the environment; just as this equipment streamlines the entire mining process. This makes investment in mining more attractive ethically as well as financially. And investment, domestic or foreign, in mining is good for the economy as a whole.

Batchcrete have earned the respect of the entire mining and construction industries. Their engineers visit sites to fully understand the specifications of the work. This entails understanding not only what needs to be done, but identifying where value resides in each step of process. Maximising value in each step of the production chain imparts a synergistic advantage over the entire product.

 Efficiency Over Conservation

The Conservation movement has been found redundant. It’s widely acknowledged that everything good about being alive today relies on technology. Rather than rejecting what technology provides, in favour of some primitive conservatism, the focus is shifting to efficiencies – getting the most you can with the least environmental disruption. And it is here Batchcrete is a world leader.

Their ingenious developments, in value-adding material processing technologies, are fast showing you can have your cake and eat it too. These technologies are maximising output while continuing to reduce demands upon the environment. This allows us (you and I) to continue enjoying the quality of life technology has made available; but in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Batchcrete remain a forerunner in the technologies of mining and construction. They maintain a company-wide focus on innovation and efficiency; but so too do they maintain a focus on the environmental impact and sustainability of their products. For this is their country too.

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