Who says money can’t buy happiness?

22 year-old Japanese porn star Double-D Rola Misaki (aka Rola Takizawa) has signed a contract pledging exclusive ‘service’ to a Chinese businessman for 15 years.

The contract, reportedly worth AUD $10 million, means Miss Takizawa will work as a personal assistant to the mystery businessman.

According to sources close quoted in the local media the un-named man has substantial

White dress image: www.bostonnewstime.com

White dress image: www.bostonnewstime.com

holdings within the Chinese entertainment industry. “His property holdings alone are worth several hundred million dollars,” said the un-named source.

The mystery man is paradoxically known for being the centre of attention. “At events his behaviour includes giving million-dollar tips to participants.”

At a recent event the Miss Takizawa accompanied her benefactor who wore a mask to protect his identity. Miss Takizawa held his hand throughout the evening which have led some to suggest there may be an ‘intimate relations’ clause in their contract.

Miss Misaki has broken the hearts of millions of Asian Adult Video fans.

She made her entrance to the AV industry in 2012 under the Prestige Banner.

Her popularity in Japan was lukewarm at best; howeer the Chinese couldn’t get enough of her.

“If you ask someone to name a popular Japanes person, the response would probably be the name of this AV actress,” said Eiji Miyagi, a Chinese jounalst.

Miss Misaki has more than 4.8 milion flowers on Sina Weibo – the Chines Twitter.

And they are all devastated at her defection to one man.

Image: http://biglawnewsline.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/rola_takizawa-210x300.jpg

Image: http://biglawnewsline.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/rola_takizawa-210×300.jpg

“Noooo!” wtotye GuanY, “SAhe can’t leave us like this.”

“She’s on of the best,” said Mai86, “a natural. I can’t believ she’s gone off with this man.”

“It’s a sad day for us fans, lamented Bao Hung. “Come back to us after 15 years. We’ll still be here.”

In a sense Ms Takizawa is the latest Geisha to be bought out of the Floating World – only in a very modern sense.

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