Jrdan belfortAustralians have reacted to the speaking tour of disgraced tycoon Jordan Belfort with aversion. Rather than being attracted to the seminars of a man who made $49 million in a year, savvy Australians are keeping their money in their pockets; preferring, presumably, to spend it learning how to create wealth legally.

Belfort claims his shows will do just that. He acknowledges the criminal activities that landed him a 22 month sentence in a U.S. prison, but claims he is more than just a fraudster.

And yet U.S. authorities have said they have been prevented from accessing Belfort’s records to find out how much money he is making from this speaking tour. Authorities applied for access to The Fordham Company (Belfort’s Australian business) in an effort to recoup monies lost by bilked investors (100 million). However, those same authorities have found they possess no legal right to do so.

Nick Fordham, managing director of The Fordham Company has stressed the U.S. Department of Justice cannot subpoena records and there are no written agreements or contracts binding him to do so. When pressed as to why he would not release the figures voluntarily, Mr. Fordham cited issues of confidentiality.

But Australians, it seems, are voting with their feet. Ticket sales to his seminars have been so poor Jordan Belfort has been forced to discount their prices on group buying sites. Silver tickets have been reduced from $495 to a paltry $149. To date only a measly 266 tickets have been sold.

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