The Austrian Oak, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has wowed audiences at a Brisbane real state convention.

Often self-depreciating and funny Schawarzenegger told the crowd at the Brisbane’s Royal International Convention Centre that he made his first million dollars through real estate, not films.

He talked about his first job, working on building sites and doing bodybuilding competitions, so he could invest in property.

His first purchase was a six unit block from which he managed a $169,000 profit.

Today Arnold’s portfolio of properties is almost incalculable.

“I always promised myself I would not get into a position where I would have to take a job or do a role just because I had to make money to make a living,” he drawled.

He gave advice to his listeners saying, “If I had of listened to the naysayers I’d be yodelling in Austria and not the 38th Governor of California.

“My parents wanted me to marry a girl named Heidi and work on a farm, but I wanted to be Mr Universe.

“The number one secret to success is to have 22 inch biceps and a quaint Austrian accent,” he quipped.

Schwarzenegger has had a whirlwind tour of Australia: He was a presenter at the 2015 Arnold Classic Australia in Melbourne, attended the Melbourne Grand Prix, spoke at the Queensland Real Estate Agent’s summit (where he attended a VIP event and charged guests $1500 to have their photographs taken with him).

The Governator is expected to return to Australia in May to promote the release of Terminator 5.

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