Australia’s Anti-Dumping Commission has come under recent attack for not doing enough to protect Australian businesses.

The call was led by financial expert Ross Greenwood (from News Limited) who lashed out at the excessive time it took the Commission to identify, track down, and fine international dumpers.

At the heart of the problem are multi-national companies with stock they can’t sell. Rather than simply throwing these unused products in a landfill, they ship them off to Australia, and sell them for whatever they can.

The prices they offer for these run-offs undercut anything Australian companies can match. This leads to the dissolution of Australian business and a greater market share for the dumper.

Greenwood said the Commission’s success rate was relatively poor. Moreover, many Australian businesses hadn’t the reserves or cashflow to whether the excessively long investigation and prosecution times needed by the Commission.

In one case, Capral Aluminium was able to show that a Chinese company was dumping its products in Australia at anti-competitive prices. The Anti-Dumping Commission took a staggering six years to redress the activity! The Commission was eventually able to increase government tariffs on the Chinese company from 7 to 57 per cent – and thus curb the dumping.

Most Australian businesses, however, would be unable to survive six years without a sustainable income. It was a miracle Capral Aluminium itself survived – and they were the ones who brought the offence to the Commission’s notice.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident.

The Anti-Dumping Commission has recognised that changes need to be made – and fast. The Commission has recently moved out from under the umbrella of Customs and Border Protection to be absorbed into the Department of Industry. But this only means the complaints it receives get heard sooner. More funding, staffing, and training is needed if Australian businesses are to be protected from overseas opportunists.

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