Usually when we think of financial investment, stocks, shares, and suit-adorned clones stomping to and from high-rise buildings come to mind. But not all means of investing money have to be quite so staid and dull. In fact, certain options can even be quite glamorous!

Less traditional sources of financial outlay can be much more personally engaging. They also offer great profitability if chosen correctly, just like any investment. In order to make wise decisions, investors need to be something of an aficionado in the given field. Some luck helps, too!

For those new to these sorts of market speculations, investment funds could prove to be a more comfortable option than going it alone. The funds involve investing alongside several other stakeholders, in order to reduce individual risk – but also potential profitability.


investments-banksyThere’s no doubt that the art world can be hugely profitable – both financially and creatively. However, some skill is required to make artistic investments worthwhile. Should you go out on a limb and purchase the complete works of your favourite obscure, Croatian postmodern artist, there’s no guarantee that the catalogue will yield profits down the track. That’s not to say that the paintings won’t bring you personal satisfaction, though, which should also be considered.

High-end art can be a good way of diversifying and expanding one’s investment portfolio into new areas. This is especially important given that artworks are less susceptible to the instability that can plague financial markets. Those seeking a steady increase in value should liaise with art consultants. Alternatively, you could luck upon a Banksy for $60 in Central Park, only to discover that your purchase is worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Wine is a pretty safe investment, given that it’s been consistently drunk for hundreds and hundreds of years. Knowing when the investment will reach its peak value is difficult, though¬† – as the offerings by wineries like rise in price, they’re sure to provide early investors with profits, but it’s important to buy at the right time.

As international purchasers are now able to buy Margaret River red wines online, the wine market is becoming more accessible. Again, experts can be consulted – wine merchants and brokers will be clued in as to just what locations and grapes are the safest bet.

Musical instruments

In contrast to art and wine, the market for musical instruments is rather small. However, instruments that have been owned and played by musical greats are sure to attract huge bids from fans. For instance, over $2 million was paid for John Lennon’s upright Steinway piano. So if your child is a musical prodigy, be sure to hang on to each and every one of their musical tools!

In addition to instruments that have been pre-loved by famous singers and songwriters, those that were hand-crafted by well-respected manufacturers can also garner high prices. In particular, violins and other string instruments are very likely to increase in value. In part, this is because emerging markets like China offer great demand for traditional European instruments.


Horse racing is an entrancing, exciting exercise for spectators. All we really see are the fascinators, the champagne, and the betting forms. To some degree, these do all feature in the horse investment lifestyle; in fact, it could see you merge different investment methods. Drive to the racecourse in a fancy old car, sip on some Marchand and Burch wine track-side, and then cross your fingers that your horse comes first!

However, outside of race days, prospective investors should remember that there’s an awful lot of mud and bodily fluids involved. Also, the prevalence of wonder stories and household name horses can cause us to forget that not all horses are profitable. A reasonably racehorse can be purchased from about $20,000. But don’t forget that a lot of ongoing costs – lodging, food, and training, for example – will mean that your winnings are inflicted by some serious overheads.

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